The Media, The Red Scare, and The Big Lie



Marry Joe McCarthy’s “Red Scare” to the Nazi’s “Big Lie” and what do you have?

The anarchy of today’s left – Antifa, Black Lives Matter, CNN, NBC, ABC, and a few late night comedians.  And a bit of violence.

This sounds harsh. But only to those who have never heard of Goebbels or Joseph McCarthy.   Given the state of our current educational system, I suspect many young people  are ignorant of Tail-gunner Joe or Goebbels.  And likely unfamiliar with “McCarthyism” or the “Big Lie.”

What is McCarthyism?

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The Left’s Kristallnacht and the Destruction of Democracy

Do Americans have shared values anymore? How would we know? We can’t even discuss them. People speaking on college campuses are shouted down. Presentations are banned. Riots break out. Starbucks windows are smashed. Police cars are burned. And the perpetrators are exclusively individuals identifying with the “liberal left.”

Suppression of ideas and freedom of speech have not occurred to this degree since the Brown Shirts and the Hitler Youth attacked Jews on November 9, 1938 – the infamous Kristallnacht.  Kristallnacht refers to the glass windows broken during the night.

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The Surprising Truth about Trauma

face-417825_1920    What is “trauma”?

Really, what is this emotional catastrophe forcing college students to hide in safe places, hug therapy dogs, and sit outdoors in the middle of a campus holding hands for group cry-ins?

Frankly, this kind of “trauma” is how our educational leaders have co-opted real human tragedies into what amounts to self-serving sniveling.  It’s now a tool to intimidate and dismiss an opposing opinion.  It’s disgusting.  Later I will explain how it’s done.

HOWEVER, Real trauma exists.

It exists in the universe of human tragedy, in the world of real life that somehow institutions of higher learning have managed to insulate themselves from.  Real emotional trauma can happen, for example, if: Continue reading The Surprising Truth about Trauma

The 7 Ways Sociopaths Manipulate You

thinking-272677_1920How do you become a target for a sociopath?

If you work with correctional inmates, long-term psychiatric patients engaged in criminal thinking, or anyone else with sociopathic tendencies, you can be a target for manipulation.

This applies to nurses, correctional workers, educators, therapists, and others who are exposed on a daily basis to sociopathic thinkers.  See the post: “Don’t be a Target for Criminal Manipulations…”

How do you recognize that you might be experiencing manipulation by one of these individuals?

The first step is to be aware of the systematic process sociopaths use to gain your trust and then to exercise leverage against you.

Leverage that can make you do things you thought you would never do.  Reference Bud Allen and Diana Bosta,   Games Criminals Play

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Don’t Be a Target for Criminal Manipulation. Five Factors that Almost Guarantee that You Will.


Joyce Mitchell is a public employee and a wife and a mother and she could spend the next decade behind bars. Why? Because she helped killers Richard Matt and David Sweat escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.

Do we know why she would give them hacksaw blades, drill bits, lighted eyeglasses, and her cell phone?

No, but she stated that Richard Matt made her feel “special.” Yes, “special.”

Bingo. Joyce’s statement of feeling “special” is a classic “red flag” for professional boundary violation and vulnerability to criminal manipulation. She might have been targeted by these sociopaths and if you don’t watch out for these signs, you could be too.

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