The 7 Ways Sociopaths Manipulate You

thinking-272677_1920How do you become a target for a sociopath?

If you work with correctional inmates, long-term psychiatric patients engaged in criminal thinking, or anyone else with sociopathic tendencies, you can be a target for manipulation.

This applies to nurses, correctional workers, educators, therapists, and others who are exposed on a daily basis to sociopathic thinkers.  See the post: “Don’t be a Target for Criminal Manipulations…”

How do you recognize that you might be experiencing manipulation by one of these individuals?

The first step is to be aware of the systematic process sociopaths use to gain your trust and then to exercise leverage against you.

Leverage that can make you do things you thought you would never do.  Reference Bud Allen and Diana Bosta,   Games Criminals Play

It all begins with the establishment of a relationship.  (read more) Continue reading The 7 Ways Sociopaths Manipulate You