Three Reasons America is the Greatest Country in the World

John Hawkins’ piece on why America is the greatest nation in history is a must read. 

In the face of leftists destroying our history and monuments, calling patriots racists, bigots and nazis, we need the fist of truth.

This is the greatest country on earth.  It is great because of its values.

America has the best values on earth.  We need to articulate these values.  This is how to help stop the erosion of our values.

Here’s my simple take on the subject:

Name one country that has done as much for the world as the United States of America. 

Just one. 

For the people on the “left” who burn the American flag, which flag is more worthy of flying than America’s?

There are at least three documented reasons why America is the greatest country in the world.

I suggest you memorize these simple reasons.  They are tools, weapons to use in our quest to speak up about American values.  They are rounds in your mental Colt 45.  The reasons are as follows.

1.   America fights tyranny like no other country has in the history of the world.

Name one country that has done more to protect the world from tyranny.  Better yet, challenge one of this country’s detractors to do so.  America has fought against Nazis, Communists, Emperors, and tyrants across the globe.

What price has the United States paid?  A price few could endure.

Here are the most obvious examples:

World War I:  116,516 casualties

World War II:  405,000 casualties

Korean War:  33,000 battle deaths

Civil War: Overall casualties were 642,000 for union soldiers and 480,000 for confederates.

I mention the Civil War to point out the magnitude of conflict and suffering our country endured to oppose, among other things, slavery.

Modern activists who characterize America’s history as racist fail to recognize the enormous cost in human life Americans paid to end slavery.

America has paid the price like no others in leadership and in lives lost to rid the world of tyranny.

2.  America spreads freedom and democracy.

Name a nation that has done more to spread freedom and democracy?  Can’t do it.

America did it in Germany, Japan, South Korea.  In Iraq and Afghanistan America set up free republics.

As  John Hawkins stated, “The number of people who’ve moved from tyranny to freedom because of the United States is in the hundreds of millions.”

3.  America does the most to prevent war.

Who does more to prevent war than America?  No one.

America is the backbone and firepower of NATO.  America spends 3.6% of its GDP on defense.  This is almost double the target of 2% of GDP that all NATO members agreed to.

In fact, the United States has shouldered the vast majority of the costs for military protection through NATO.  President Trump has argued that other nations need to start paying for their fair share.

But here is a bonus reason that America is the greatest country in the world:

Bonus Reason America is the Greatest Country

4.  The United States is one of the most generous countries in the world.

In the 2016 World Giving Index, Myanmar and the United States are the two most generous nations in the world; the UK is the most generous country in Europe.

American prosperity and capitalism have raised millions out of poverty.  Socialism has put millions of people in poverty.

The final recap.

Why are American values important?  Because America is the greatest country in the world.

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world because it

  • Fights tyranny
  • Spreads freedom and democracy
  • Prevents war

America does this while being the most generous country in the world, and while raising millions out of poverty through its own prosperity.

John Hawkins, “5 Reasons America Is The Greatest Nation In History” Townhall June 6, 2015

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